It all began back in 1993...


Doctor Edgar Plüss  from Murgenthal, a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique in Zurich, founded the company Emipuls in Lyss to create an  Electro-Magnetic ImPULS system. The process was successful very quickly with over 25,000 devices being sold throughout Switzerland and beyond. On his death in 2010 the running of the company was taken over by his son, an IT specialist who subsequently sold it four years later to an electronic engineer from the canton of Jura.

Today, the head office of Emipuls Swiss SA is located in the canton of Jura at Courrendlin and the production site is located at Porrentruy in the premises of E-Chronos SA, a company specialising in microtechnologies.

The company  Emipuls Swiss SA develops, manufactures and sells high-quality devices which protect pipes and all types of devices that use running water against limescale and rust deposits.

The devices from  EMIPULS®  are the result of many years’ experience in the development and manufacture of devices that protect against limescale and rust. Through the use of modern research and development equipment, the company acquired new knowledge which has been integrated into the state-of-the-art electronic systems resulting in highly efficient devices. Thanks to this long experience we are able to provide you with devices that are well adapted to different types and sizes of buildings.


For the benefit of health and environmental protection (without salt or additives), we strive to develop devices with a long operating life. The new knowledge we have acquired from our research and its integration in the form of new and modified functions in existing devices does not automatically mean devices need to be replaced as they can be upgraded.

Expertise, quality, precision and innovation are some of the fundamental values of our Swiss company.

Our specialists will be pleased to give you their professional advice on the ideal choice of Emipuls anti-limescale device for your home or company. We invest a lot of our time in providing competent and comprehensive advice.

And of course we will continue to support you after your purchase!