Economic benefits

Limescale particles which settle in taps, spray diffusers and machine filters can be easily removed with a cloth. Limescale deposits on pans, utensils and containers can be easily removed by rinsing in cold water and then drying them immediately with a cloth.

Showers and baths can be cleaned easily after use by rinsing them quickly with cold water. However, an EMIPULS® device will not free you up totally from your cleaning tasks, but it will make them much easier and relieve the load on waste water treatment. The maintenance/descaling interval of electric water heaters and heat exchangers is increased because EMIPULS® prevents new limescale forming and cleans up existing deposits. Only a thin layer of limescale remains to protect the pipes from rust.

For coffee machines with an independent water tank and electric kettles, our devices enable scaling to be reduced to a minimum.

As for washing machines and dishwashers, microscopic limescale particles are removed during rinsing. With washing machines, the amount of cleaning products can be reduced to the dose required for soft or moderately hard water. Use of descaling products can also be considerably reduced or totally eliminated and water softeners are also no longer required.

For dishwashers, the current settings and products used may be adjusted to “soft water” or “moderately hard water”.

On average, the amortisation period of an EMIPULS device for domestic use is 18 to 33 months!